Turbo Air Sandwich Prep Table MST-48 Tear Down Fix Repair

The prep table refrigerator was not cooling  I teared it down and checked each part. Everything you see is actually working. It turned out that there is a leak of refrigerant R-134A. Hope these pictures help people see a bit how the cables and stuff are plugged for reference.

The following pictures are when the technician came and replaced the refrigerant filter, installed the valves and also vacuumed and then added refrigerant. The amps measured on the capacitor increased and started kicking in after the refrigerant was added.

Cleaning the condenser coils even though it was self cleaning. The technician said it was dirty. You’d need some skinny screwdrivers and some pliers to remove a screw from the tip of the screw.

I removed the thermostat panel to expose the evaporator coils as well. Pictures below

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